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           The definition of our talent: adhering to the company's values and philosophy, eager to make contributions, insightful, hardworking, competent.

          Recruitment principles:

          Candidate with capability, professionality, confidence and leadership. 

          Staffing principles:

           Just,open and fair.

           Recruit talents at the right time, with the right skill, at the right position.

            Training principles:

             The company has a very sophisticated training system for management talents by combining work with training. For production talents, the key training is set at the production line. Professional training is the best benefits for employees, and well-trained employees are the most valuable asset for the company.

           Principles of keeping talents:

            Keep the talents with professional working system, with emotional attachment, with competitive salary, with promotion opportunity and with rich corporation culture.

           Career principles:

            Along with the establishment of corporation goal, the employee personal growth goals are set accordingly. The company provides a great platform for employees to present their capability. Customized developing plan for each employee are set based on their personality, interests, capability and point of value, in order to maximize their potential.    

           Principle of respecting talents

            The company establishes the concept of “talent-oriented”, builds the atmosphere of respecting knowledge and talents. Employees who make significant contribution will be rewarded generously.